The Dogs Live On is the cinematic sequel to the 1996 novel, Onward Muttford, written by SE Ansley, better known as Sea. His latest works are include the Plan Sea book and as the music producer, ANIMISM.

In Onward Muttford, dogs and other animals live in a veritable utopia built and governed by dogs. The dogs enjoy their lifestyles, with active participation in music, the arts and sport, carried away and distracted by the comforts of life. As the story unfolds, the dogs are angrily disparaged by other animals, who bring to their attention the ongoing rampant carelessness and wanton destruction of human beings - including incarceration and mass murder of dogs. This brings the dogs out of their haze, and, together with the other animals, they declare war on mankind, for humans to wake up to their own misguided realities.

The film, The Dogs Live On, opens with the animals marching to war, before the power of nature intervenes, and a prophetic blizzard of thunder, lightning and ice tears the city of dogs off the coast, leaving it to drift away in the storm, and sink, under the sea. The story explores future utopian societies that emerge in Antarctica, while the rest of Earth crumbles under the weight of greed and tyranny of mankind. The Earth becomes a desolate playground for the rich and elite, populations are controlled, reduced, and dwindle, while these new underground cities thrive - until the elite, bored of their games, mobilise one final time to take it all away.

This project is an exercise is multiple media disciplines, primarily the visual arts and music. With pockets of clues and teasers hidden around the real and Internet worlds in 2018 - The Year of the Dog - the story presently continues to be enhanced, backdrops and locations for film shoots are researched and visited, and the orchestral score is being experimented with, meticulously composed, and practiced. There will be a cryptocurrency ICO to raise production, post-production and tour funds from 2018-19, as well as generating additional awareness.

The film should be completed for 2020 - aspiring clarity of 2020 vision - with live 3D project mapping of the film, to be toured around the world, accompanied by a live orchestra playing the soundtrack alongside the film. The creator's hope is, by the story's incredibly powerful and introspective climax, that the energy of the live band, coupled with the tension build up over the film, will generate unforgettable and deeply touching emotions, that resonate through a diverse spectrum of personalities to make a legitimate impact, and bring change to the world.

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Want an idea of the blend of orchestra and electronic-infused music of The Dogs Live On? Check out this incredible performance, from the brilliant David August, with the Deutsches Symphonia Orchestra.

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